About Web Site Advantage

Tony McCreath – Owner/Founder

Tony founded Web Site Advantage after a long career in the Telecommunications industry & later, web development. Seeing SEO as crucial to online success & a growing need for quality, technical SEO services he bravely quit his developer job and struck out on his own. Ten years on, he is a global name in the Technical SEO world & now focuses on providing technical SEO services on the BigCommerce platform.

Brad Crouch – Technical SEO Consultant

When Tony moved to Australia nearly 20 years ago, Brad helped Tony find a position at the web development company he was working for and they soon became both technical rivals & good friends. Brad eventually moved into supporting large corporate applications until joining Tony in 2016 to assist in developing & administering BigCommerce SEO solutions. Despite working together, they are still great friends & spend most of their out of hours time together adding to their never-ending list of ideas for BigCommerce solutions!

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Our Apps & Services

SEO Rich Snippets By Web Site Advantage

Our very first BigCommerce Marketplace App, launched in 2019 to solve some of the most common and pressing problems with BigCommerce Structured Data & Rich Snippets. BigCommerce have been integrating structured data into Cornerstone but there’s

Our BigCommerce SEO Services

We don’t just do Apps! We also offer expert configuration and advice to Google Analytics, Search Console & BigCommerce – here’s a list of our popular BigCommerce SEO Packages:

If you have a SEO-related app or service idea , we’d love to hear about it – contact us to discuss