From time to time, we’ll need access to various systems to enable us to test, troubleshoot or make changes in order for our Apps to provide optimal performance. Below is a list of systems and access instructions pertaining to these systems:

BigCommerce Admin Access Instructions

Most of our work requires access to your BigCommerce admin. We have a special account set up for our BigCommerce clients using [email protected]

In BigCommerce you can add [email protected] as an admin user…

Google Search Console Access Instructions

You can opt for us to have access to your Google Search Console. This can help us improve the quality of your structured data by:

  • Carrying out spot checks on your GSC structured data reports for quality assurance
  • Early identification & troubleshooting of any issues (eg review system changes)
  • If “Full” Access is given, we may sometimes take steps to speed up indexing of your site’s pages to optimise your site’s rich snippets

This is completely voluntary and any data gathered will be in strict adherence to our privacy policy. To grant access:

  • Navigate to User Settings in GSC
  • Ensuring the right property is selected, click “Add User”
  • Add “[email protected]
  • Select either “Full” or “Restricted” Access (more details below)
  • Click “Add

Restricted” access will allow us to view the progress of your structured data
Full” access will allow us to request indexing of pages & verification of resolved issues. This can speed up rich snippets appearing

Google Analytics Access Instructions

Adding Access to Google Analytics allows us to assist in getting the configuration right for Tag Rocket:

  1. Click the Admin button
  2. Click “Account User Management”
  3. Click the button
  4. Add “[email protected]” with Editor permissions (click once to copy to clipboard):
    [email protected]
Google Ads Access Instructions
Google Merchant Center Access Instructions

Having Merchant Center access allows us to inspect your product feeds. Just add [email protected] as a user:

Google Tag Manager Access Instructions

Having Tag Manager access allows us to inspect any existing tracking tags you have that may interfere with Tag Rocket. Just add [email protected] as a user:

Facebook Access Instructions

Granting access to your Facebook Pixels and Catalogs allows us to identify feed issues and measure the success of Tag Rocket’s Pixel implementation.

  1. Go To
  2. Select “Partners->Add->Give a Partner access to your assets” or click “Add” under “Partner to share assets with” (whichever is appropriate)
  3. Add Tag Rocket’s Business Partner ID (just click once to copy to clipboard):
  4. Assign all relevant assets access as follows:
    1. Catalogs: Admin
    2. Ad Accounts: View Performance
    3. Pixels: Admin
    4. Datasets: Admin
  5. Click “Save Changes”
Pinterest Access Instructions

Granting Partner Access to your Pinterest account allows us to inspect your configuration and measure the success of Tag Rocket’s implementation.

  • Go to
  • Click Partners->Add Partner
  • Add Tag Rocket’s Business ID (just click once to copy to clipboard):
  • Select “Invite this partner to access your ad accounts and tools”, click “Add Partner”
  • Click Assign Assets
  • Select Analyst, Audience, Catalogues then click “Assign permissions”
Twitter Access Instructions

Access to Twitter allows us to review Tag Rocket’s implementation:

  • Click the Account Drop-down arrow ()
  • Click on “Edit access to account”
  • Enter & Select Tag Rocket’s Twitter handle (click once to copy to clipboard):
  • Select Account Administrator, then Click “Save changes”
Microsoft Ads Access Instructions

Having access to your Microsoft Ads account allows us to ensure Tag Rocket’s implementation is correct:

  1. Go to Microsoft Ads
  2. Click the drop-down arrow () to the right of your account
  3. Copy the account number at the bottom of the drop-down and email us with this number
Project ID Required

The BigQuery Project ID can be found in GA4->Admin->BigQuery Links. If no project exists here, ensure you have carried out the configuration instructions completely (Steps 12-16).

Awaiting Access

Tag Rocket doesn’t appear to have access to your BigQuery project to prepare your data for the report. Ensure Step 11 of the configuration instructions has been completed.