Page Experience Ranking for Desktop

Google have just announced that, in February 2022, they will be beginning to use page experience as a ranking signal for desktop. This follows their recent rollout for mobile that occurred June-August 2021. Below is the table of what factors are involved in creating the page experience signal. Factor Mobile Desktop Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) […]

New GSC Warning – Invalid object type for field “author”

Google recently changed their review requirements which has caused a spate of new warnings to be sent out via the Google Search Console. Whilst nothing to do with the 100 character limit change, Google has become more strict on the author type specified in the structured data, no longer accepting “Thing” but requiring either “Person” […]

How To Recover FAQ Rich Results (aka FAQ Snippets)

What’s the TL;DR summary? In mid July 2020, Google became more discerning in what FAQ rich results it shows Analysis shows FAQ’s that don’t closely relate to the searcher’s query don’t show anymore Creating FAQ questions that have a strong correlation to the ranking terms for the page result in recovery of FAQ Snippets/Rich Results […]