The Situation

  • Google announced Universal Analytics will disappear July 2023
  • Tag Rocket provided free GA4 tracking until BigCommerce launched theirs
  • Tag Rocket’s free GA4 tracking will cease early 2023

Why pay for GA4 Tracking?

Tag Rocket supports every GA4 event relevant to Ecommerce stores. Used in conjunction with the Tag Rocket Report, you can monitor your BigCommerce store’s performance at a glance.

Tag Rocket Report Summary
Tag Rocket Report -> Summary
Comparison Of BigCommerce and Tag Rocket's GA4 Events
Comparison of BigCommerce GA4 events & Tag Rocket
Google Analytics 4 EventsBigCommerceTag RocketEvent is used for
add_payment_infoTag Rocket Report -> Checkout Flow
add_shipping_infoTag Rocket Report -> Checkout Flow
add_to_cartTag Rocket Report -> Shopping Flow
begin_checkoutTag Rocket Report -> Checkout Flow
clickTrack clicks within GA4
exceptionTag Rocket Report -> Website Errors
first_visitTag Rocket Report -> Attribution
generate_leadTrack leads within GA4
loginTrack logins within GA4
logoutTrack logouts within GA4
page_viewTrack pageviews within GA4
purchaseTrack purchases within GA4
refundMore accurate revenue in GA4
remove_from_cartTrack removals within GA4
scrollTrack scrolling within GA4
searchTrack search within GA4
select_itemTrack product clicks in GA4
select_promotionTrack promotion clicks in GA4
session_startTrack sessions in GA4
sign_upTrack signups in GA4
subscribeTrack newsletter subscriptions in GA4
user_engagementTag Rocket Report -> Core Web Vitals
view_cartTag Rocket Report -> Shopping Flow
view_itemTag Rocket Report -> Shopping Flow
view_item_listTag Rocket Report -> Shopping Flow
view_promotionTag Rocket Report -> Shopping Flow
view_search_resultsTrack search within GA4

Additional Tag Rocket Events

Tag Rocket also sends additional custom events to GA4 for use in the Tag Rocket Report.

Core Web Vital Events

Tag rocket tracks every Web Vital metric your customer’s experience – this is used in the Tag Rocket Report’s Core Web Vital reports to enable monitoring of your site’s CWV performance and pinpointing issues

Tag Rocket Report - Core Web Vitals
Tag Rocket Report -> Core Web Vital Overview

Events Sent: CLS, LCP, FID, TTFB, INP, FCP

Server Purchase Event – Far More Accurate

Adding a server-side purchase event, Tag Rocket helps identify transactions that have not made it into GA4, helping you to gauge how accurate your GA4 tracking is.

Tag Rocket Report - Server Purchase Tracking
Tag Rocket Report -> Purchase Tracking

Checkout Flow Events

Tag Rocket provides “add_billing_info” and “add_customer_info” events for the Tag Rocket Report’s Checkout Flow Report, allowing for more granular troubleshooting of checkout issues

Tag Rocket Report - Shopping Flow
Tag Rocket Report -> User Flow

Granular Click Events

Tag rocket tracks 5 click events (outbound/email/social/downloads/phone) to enable more granular reporting on your customer’s actions

Click Events
GA4 Exploration – Click Events

Quick Search Event

Tag Rocket adds the ability to track search terms from your store’s quick search:

Quick Search
GA4 Exploration – Quick Search