This article explains our use of Cookies and Local Storage within Tag Rocket.


We no longer use cookies. If a ‘wsa_’ cookie is present, it is from a long time ago. For a while we had code to remove those cookies, but some may have been missed.

Local Storage

Tag Rocket utilises local storage variables. These are used to help Tag Rocket provide information to the tags it controls.

Key NameDescription
wsa-ccTemporarily flag to tell Tag Rocket to check if an item has been added/removed from the cart when the next page loads.
wsa-cLimited data about the current cart to help Tag Rocket determine if it has changed.
wsa-lFlag to indicate if a user has logged in. This is used to identify when a user logs in or out.
wsa-smTemporarily used to store what shipping option a user has selected.
wsa-pmTemporarily used to store what payment method a user has selected.
wsa-ceTemporarily used to store the email in a contact form. It is deleted on the next page.
wsa-seTemporarily used to store the email when someone subscribes. It is deleted on the next page.
wsa-ciThe last order number.
wsa-loDate and time of the last order.
wsa-cmIf the store uses a CMP, this keeps track of its consent state.
wsa-showeventsA debug option to show events.
wsa-showwebvitalsA debug option to show web vitals.
wsa-srvA random number to decide if a user is on a sample set for tracking things like web vitals and errors.