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Our SEO Rich Snippets BigCommerce App is the smart choice when it comes to getting Rich Snippets for your BigCommerce Store.

  • Quickly & easily gain Rich Snippets for your products, business & blogs
  • Constant development for new BigCommerce & Google Rich Snippet features
  • Simple install & fast results

Make your Search result stand out from the crowd with the full suite of Google Rich Snippets in as little as 5 minutes!

In addition, utilizing our “Classy Schema” technology, we enable stores to receive the relatively new FAQHow-To & Video Snippets.

What are Rich Snippets & Why should I want them?

Google & other search engines can display extra features on your search result to improve the usefulness & visual appeal of your search result, resulting in more clicks to your store. We implement Structured Data (often called schema markup) to your pages that can receive:

  • Product Review Stars, Price, Availability (In Stock)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitelinks Searchbox
  • Logo/Corporate Contact/Knowledge Graph or Panel
  • FAQ, How-To & Video Rich Snippets

Why SEO Rich Snippets by Web Site Advantage?

SEO Rich Snippets is built by BigCommerce specialists for BigCommerce customers only. We have been helping BigCommerce Stores get Rich Snippets since 2012 through the BigCommerce forums and our BigCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. Our technical credentials in both BigCommerce & Google demonstrate our commitment to helping others achieve their goals:

Stop those Annoying Google Search Console Errors & Warnings

Can’t tell what those “Product” messages in Google Search Console are about? SEO Rich Snippets will remove all/most of these, clearing the clutter. If any remain (some scenarios), we’ll intuitively guide you through what’s important to pay attention to with easy-to-digest help topics.

How it Works

With a simple click of our publish button, we install custom scripts into your Script Manager (sorry, Stencil themes only) that creates Google-Compliant, JSON-LD Structured Data onto your BigCommerce Pages. Most information comes from your Store & Product information but where necessary, we offer you customization to get the most out of Google Rich Snippets.

Complex Customizations Possible

Do things differently? This App may seem simple but has been built by experts who understand the complexity of Structured Data. By adding our own custom scripts, we can cater for many specific scenarios including 3rd party review systems (YotPo, Stamped.io, Judge.me etc..), alternative pricing structures, minimum quantity purchases & more. Simply  click on the Custom tab within our app and make a request.

Cutting Edge Updates

Google is updating their Structured Data and Rich Snippets features & requirements at a furious pace – We monitor these and update accordingly. You will be notified of any extra features available, simply review & publish to make them visible to Google.


No – it’s sole purpose is to generate the best structured data possible so you can receive optimal rich results (aka rich snippets) in search results

If you’re a BigCommerce Store, it’s very easy – just Install the SEO Rich Snippets App and you can have them on your Category, Brand & Web Pages within minutes!

You can try the SEO Rich Snippets App for free with our 30-day, no credit card required, free trial. After which it’s a USD$22/month subscription – a small price to pay for great Product, FAQ & How-To Rich Snippets! Install it Now!

It sure will! Our SEO Rich Snippets App is designed to eliminate all errors and warnings as long as your product data is complete. Install it now to get your 30-day, no credit card required, free trial!

Tony McCreath, (CEO & Founder of Web Site Advantage) is a Google Webmaster Gold Product Expert, a BigCommerce Partner/Insider and an expert in Structured Data. This rare combination of skills and qualifications helps make the SEO Rich Snippets App a tailored and cutting-edge solution for BigCommerce Stores. Install it now to get your 30-day, no credit card required, free trial!