By default BigCommerce adds some basic meta tags to each page of a store to provide Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest some structured information about the page. For Pinterest it can also include some information about a product.

Our SEO Rich Snippets can add some more advanced meta tags that are supported by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. In most cases the meta tags use Open Graph (og) properties which are supported by all the channels.

  • Open Graph url, type, title and site_name on the Home, Category, Brand and Blog post pages.
  • Open Graph description on the Home and Category pages.
  • Open Graph logo on the home page
  • Open Graph image on the Category, Blog post and Brand pages
  • Open Graph author and published_time for Blog posts in a format the channels accept.
  • Product properties for availability, condition, price, currency, retailer_item_id, item_group_id
  • Facebook app_id
  • Twitter card type, site and creator

Enabling the Advanced Social Meta Tags

Go into your SEO Rich Snippets app admin interface. To the top right you will see the Meta Tags card. Ther most basic way to anble it is to switch it on and publish. For more advanced options, click on the Settings button. There you can add some more specific meta tag content used by each channel. Don;t foget to publish once you have finished your editing.

Switch Off BigCommerces Pinterest Rich Pins

If you enable the feature in the SEO Rich Snippets app you should switch of the built in Pinterest Rich Pins feature as it gets product:price:amount and availability wrong. The app corrects that.

You can find the setting in Store Setup->Store Settings->Share where you need to expand the “more options” link.

BigCommerce Pinterest Rich Pins option

BigCommerce then adds a pinterest:richpins meta tag set to disabled. Don’t worry, it does not mean anything to Pinterest.

Blog Post Published Date

Open Graph requires dates to be formatted in a certain way (ISO 8601).The code attempts to format a blog post published data as required, however it needs the original date format to be parseable. You control the display date Store Setup->Store Settings->Date & Timezone. One format for Display Date Format that works is “M d, Y”.

BigCommerce Display Date Format setting


Home Page Description

This is often used as an alternate snippet text when people share the home page on the social channels.

Twitter Site

This is the Twitter @username for the website which will be added to the Twitter cards footer if someone tweets about the page.

Twitter Creator

This is the Twitter @username of the person who created the pages content. The author.

Facebook App ID

The id for your Facebook app. You can find it in the app dashboard.

Facebook Item Group ID

If you have a Facebook catalog, this can be set to the same value you use as the Item group ID for your products in your catalog. If you use a format that is not currently supported, contact us.

Facebook Content ID

If you have a Facebook catalog, this can be set to the same value you use as the Content ID for your products in your catalog.