Add emojis to your store’s:

  • Page Content
  • Page Title & Meta Description (may appear in Google Search Results)
  • FAQ Questions & Answers

Tip: Ensure Classy Emoji is enabled first
Enable Classy Emoji

Emoji Instructions
  • Using our Classy Emoji Helper, enter some text, containing your desired emoji(s)
  • Click the “Convert To Classy Emoji” Button
  • Copy/Paste the resultant code into BigCommerce. The Emoji will now appear.

Quick Links

  • Page Title: Look for the Emoji in the browser tab
    Emoji in Page Title
  • Meta Description: In your browser, press F12 and look for the meta description in the <head> section. The Emojis should appear
    Emoji in Meta Description
  • Content (Including FAQ’s): The Emojis should appear as desired
    Emojis in site content

To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC):

URL Inspection Tool
Monitoring - Search Results

To check for Emojis in the search results, it’s best to do a “site search” in an incognito tab to see if your emojis appear in Google Search Results
Emojis in Search Results

Where can I find suitable emojis?

We have provided a basic emoji search on the Classy Emoji page but you can copy/paste emojis from anywhere (including Emojipedia or into our tool

Why Isn't my Emoji displaying in the search results?

Even though the Emoji may exist on your page, there’s no guarantee Google will display it – see this article for more information.