Clean Up

We can remove legacy structured data from your pages to ensure the SEO Rich Snippet App code is the the one used by search engines

We use JavaScript to do this which, in most cases, works fine. In certain scenarios (Slow Pages, Merchant Center) however, you may need to remove legacy code from your theme manually.

Getting Started
  1. Choose to remove Json-LD, Microdata or both
  2. Click “Publish
Legacy Code Removal

Your theme may include Microdata & JSON-LD structured data. By default, we strip this out via Javascript as it is usually incomplete. Removing it in this way is usually fine except for the following circumstances where manual removal may be required:

Merchant Center

You may have issues with Merchant Center picking up your legacy structured data as it does not execute our JavaScript removal code. If this is the case, we suggest you remove the legacy code from your theme.

Slow Page Speed

Google usually waits a while (~5 seconds) before capturing the page content for indexing. If your page loads too slowly you run the risk of Google capturing your page before we can remove the legacy structured data via JavaScript. If this occurs, you may see duplicated structured data in Google Search Console.

Remove Json-LD

Removes all Json-LD structured data from the site except our own

Remove Microdata

Removes all Microdata structured data from the site except our own