We answer many Structured Data & Rich Snippet questions for our customers. If your questions don’t appear in the specific support pages or here on the general FAQ page, please contact us for assistance.

What Are Automatic Updates?

We regularly provide updates to our app to implement bug fixes and extra features. Enabling “Automatic Updates” (recommended) will allow us to publish your scripts to the latest version without the need for you to do anything. If you would prefer to review what changes have been made first and/or choose an appropriate time to publish the changes then simply choose to manually republish.

When Will I Get Rich Snippets?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have “Published” your changes in the SEO Rich Snippets App
  2. Google will (eventually) crawl your changed pages.
  3. Google decides whether to display Rich Snippets for your page

Having Structured Data is no guarantee you will receive Rich Snippets, see Google’s Structured Data Guidelines for more info. To fast-track indexing, see our Product Indexing or Bulk Validation Help sections

How To Grant Access To Google Search Console And Why?

You can opt for us to have access to your Google Search Console. This can help us improve the quality of your structured data by:

  • Carrying out spot checks on your GSC structured data reports for quality assurance
  • Early identification & troubleshooting of any issues (eg review system changes)
  • If “Full” Access is given, we may sometimes take steps to speed up indexing of your site’s pages to optimise your site’s rich snippets

This is completely voluntary and any data gathered will be in strict adherence to our privacy policy. To grant access:

  • Navigate to User Settings in GSC
  • Ensuring the right property is selected, click “Add User”
  • Add “[email protected]
  • Select either “Full” or “Restricted” Access (more details below)
  • Click “Add

Restricted” access will allow us to view the progress of your structured data
Full” access will allow us to request indexing of pages & verification of resolved issues. This can speed up rich snippets appearing

What Does My Structured Data Look Like?

If you want to inspect all structured data on the page then we recommend pasting Rendered HTML into Structured Data Testing Tool

Why Am I Still Seeing Warnings & Errors?

Our SEO Rich Snippets App does what it can to provide Google the information it needs to display Rich Snippets but sometimes the information just isn’t available. Below are some common errors & warnings that can occur – if you see one that’s not here – contact us to have it added.

Error: Either “offers”, “review”, or “aggregateRating” should be specified

Usually because there is no price or reviews for this product. This error may affect Rich Snippets

Warning: Missing field “sku” (optional)

Your product likely either has the “Product code/SKU” blank or your Store setting “Show Product’s SKU” is disabled. It’s an optional field & won’t affect Rich Snippets

Warning: Missing field “priceValidUntil”

BigCommerce’s pricing structure doesn’t cater for this. It’s an optional field & won’t affect Rich Snippets unless a past date is provided. We provide an “Advanced” Product Setting, “Price Valid Until” that you can enter a date if you want to remove the warnings (not recommended)

Warning: Missing field “review” & Warning: Missing field “aggregateRating”

Your product doesn’t have any reviews. It’s an optional field & until you obtain product reviews you won’t see review stars. This won’t affect other Rich Snippets such as Breadcrumbs, Price & Availability

Warning: Missing product ID

None of the BigCommerce “Product Identifiers” were set (gtin, mpn). It’s an optional field & won’t affect Rich Snippets but may have some effect if using the Structured Data for your Google Merchant feed

Warning: Missing field “brand”

Your product likely doesn’t have a brand associated with it and our Product Setting, “Default Brand” is not configured

Warning: Missing field “image”

It’s likely you don’t have an image set yet for your product

How Do I Access My Invoice?

Invoices can be accessed and downloaded from the billing tab within the SEO Rich Snippets App:

How Do I Uninstall The SEO Rich Snippets App?

To uninstall SEO Rich Snippets App within BigCommerce, Click on Apps->My Apps and click the Uninstall link for the SEO Rich Snippets App. This will also cancel any subscription you may have had to the SEO Rich Snippets App.

How to uninstall the SEO Rich Snippets App
How Do I Access The SEO Rich Snippets App?

To access the SEO Rich Snippets App within BigCommerce, Click on->Apps->SEO Rich Snippets. If you’re not seeing the SEO Rich Snippets App there, it may be that you don’t have access to it in BigCommerce.

Access SEO Rich Snippets

To get access in BigCommerce, you’ll need someone (maybe even yourself, if you are an admin) to edit your user profile and add SEO Rich Snippets permissions:

Why Is My SEO Software Reporting Lots Of Structured Data (Schema) Errors?

Most SEO crawlers, including tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, do not execute JavaScript by default and typically just analyze the raw HTML of a page. This can lead to misunderstandings about the state of structured data (SD) on your site because our app relies on JavaScript to remove legacy or invalid code, ensuring only valid SD remains. Since these crawlers do not render the page, they often report errors related to this legacy code which Googlebot, on the other hand, does not see. Googlebot renders the page and executes our cleanup JavaScript, so it captures the cleaned-up version of your page.

I recommend checking your Google Search Console reports first, as this is the primary spot to look for such errors from Google’s perspective. If you’re using SEMRush, please enable settings that allow the tool to render pages (execute JavaScript) to get a more accurate analysis of potential SD issues. Keep in mind that SEMRush’s implementation of SD rules can sometimes result in false positives. To verify the issues, you can use Google’s Rich Results Test Tool or conduct a Live Test in Google Search Console.

How To Keep Custom Structured Data

Below is an example of adding Software Application schema: