Adding structured data to your blog pages can enhance your appearance in Google Search results. Enhanced features can include placement in the Top Stories carousel, Host carousel, Visual Stories, and Rich Result Features such as Headline Text and larger-than-thumbnail Images

Non Carousel Article Carousel Articles

Getting Started
  1. Ensure “Blogs” is Enabled (default) and click “Publish
  2. Test with Structured Data Testing Tool by clicking “Results

There are currently no settings for Blogs


Currently, the only way to test for Blogs is via the Structured Data Testing Tool. It is important to test the rendered HTML to ensure you see what Google will see. The best procedure is:

  1. Use Rich Result Testing Tool to get Rendered HTML
  1. Paste & Validate the Rendered HTML in the Structured Data Testing Tool

Note: BigCommerce does not provide a “Date Modified” property and as such, a warning “The dateModified field is recommended. Please provide a value if available. ” usually appears. To avoid this, you can place the following line of code in your blog’s content, editing the date as appropriate:

<span class="wsa-blogposting-datemodified" data-content="2020-02-23">Last Modified: 23rd Feb 2020</span>

To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC):

Request Indexing via URL Inspection
Why Aren't My AMP Blogs Marked Up?

BigCommerce only supports AMP for product and category pages (When enabled). AMP specific Structured Data for rich snippets (carousels, news) is based around Articles and a few other types (Restaurant, Recipe, Video). There is no AMP specific markup for the AMP pages BigCommerce provides, so there is no AMP specific code that needs to be added.

Note that BigCommerce does not enable apps such as this one to directly add Structured Data to an AMP page. AMP pages have to be edited via the theme files. Typically a theme will add some product structured data using microdata into the amp product pages. This has no harm, or benefit.

Where Can I See My Blogs In Google Search Console?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to track BlogPost structured data or rich snippets in Google Search Console at this point in time.

How Can I Add An Author URL?

By default, there is a missing URL for the Author (which doesn’t exist in BC) causing the Missing field “url” (optional) warning – If you’d like to add one you can add an author link with this code (changing the author name and URL of course):

<a href="" class="wsa-author-url">Tony McCreath</a>
Technical Reference