The main Rich Snippets that can appear for Products are Review Stars & Count, Currency, Price & Availability. While not specific to Products, Breadcrumbs also appear.

Available Product Rich Snippets

Getting Started
  1. Review Settings
  2. Click “Publish”
  3. Review Results (optional)


Review Source

Choose which review system you use to display ratings & reviews. Currently we have the following options compatible with the SEO Rich Snippets App:

  • None
  • BigCommerce built-in Reviews (default)
  • Yotpo (Standard implementation)
  • (Standard Implementation)
  • (Standard Implementation)
  • Shopper Approved (Standard Implementation)
  • (Beta)
  • TrustPilot (Standard Implementation)
  • PracticalData (Standard Implementation)
  • Feefo (Standard Implementation)
  • TrustSpot (Standard Implementation)
  • BazaarVoice (Standard Implementation)
  • Generic (Product JSON-LD with AggregateRating)

Note: If, after publishing through our App, rating & review information does not appear correctly in the Rich Results Testing Tool please contact us for assistance.


Default Brand

If one of your products doesn’t have a brand configured, you can set a default brand here. If you would prefer to omit brand information in this scenario, leave the field blank

Price Valid Options

Google shows warnings in Google Search Console Product Enhancements Report when the field priceValidUntil field is missing but BigCommerce has no facility for such a pricing structure. We have been advised by top Google Staff that omitting this field is perfectly fine and won’t affect your ability to receive Rich Snippets. We recommend that this field is omitted by leaving the default “Do not set” option

However, to accommodate sale, periodic, or seasonal pricing or to simply to remove the warning in the Google Search Console Product Enhancements Reports, you can either set a specific date (“Use a fixed date”) option or always have priceValidUntil a certain number of days from when the customer views the page using the “Specify number of days from the day the price is shown” option. Unless this is truly reflective of your pricing policy, we do not recommend either configuration.

Note: We remove fixed dates if they fall into the past

Show Price Range

If your product has options that vary the price eg size, you can have the option to display the range of prices displayed in search results or just the default price.

Price ranges are shown for products with variants when there is no default variant set.

Note: If Show Price Range is enabled, testing tools will show an error “missing offerCount”. This can safely be ignored as it is an optional field

The offerCount is recommended. Please provide a value if available
Merchant Listings

With Google’s Merchant Listing Experiences, Google analyses your structured data to display your product information in various free listings and verify the product data in Merchant Center. Return Policies and Shipping Costs may also appear in web search results (see Google’s Documentation).

Return Policies

Return policies can be specified in either Merchant Center (Primary method) or added here via your product structured data (see Google’s Documentation). Google can use this to provide return policy information to your customers in your product’s free listing or search result. Click the “+” to add one or more policies that apply to your BigCommerce store.

Setting Return Policy for Structured Data
Configuring a return policy for 30-day free returns in the US

Shipping Services

Shipping Details can be specified in either Merchant Center (Primary method) or added here via your product structured data (see Google’s Documentation). Google can use this to provide shipping costs to your customers in your product’s free listing or search result. Click the “+” to add one or more set of shipping details that apply to your BigCommerce store

Setting Shipping Details for Structured Data
Configuring free shipping for the contiguous United States

Note 1: The shipping rate specified here is overridden if the product is specifically set to Fixed or Free shipping in BigCommerce Admin

Note 2: Weight-related fields rely on “Show Product’s Weight” being enabled in BigCommerce (can be hidden via theme or JavaScript)

We can handle more complex shipping requirements via custom code – for more details, see our Advanced Google Shipping Information via JavaScript Article. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Product Properties

You can specify the Color, Material, Pattern, Size, Gender and Age Group properties by mapping a product’s custom fields and/or a product variant (that has a default variant set). If both are mapped, the default variant will be used.

It is possible to have the structured data populate and update your products in the Merchant Centre via their Website crawl feed. A products id is always taken from the SKU. You can optionally also define the item_group_id format.

Mark Up Product Videos

We can add special “Video” structured data for any YouTube videos within your product descriptions. This will allow them to be found in Google Search and may also appear in Video Carousels. The structured data will indicate that the video is about the product & that the product is a subject in the video.

Note: Initially, you may see validation errors due to the lack of an “uploadDate”. This can be fixed by updating the video in YouTube so that the description starts with the uploaded date in the form 20YY-MM-DD followed by a space.

FAQ Page

When Product Structured data coexists with FAQ structured data, Google usually chooses to display Product rich snippets rather than FAQ Snippets. If this is the case, you may wish to remove the product structured data on such pages so Google displays FAQ Snippets instead. To do so, enable this option & republish. Product pages without FAQ’s will continue to present their product structured data.

Remove product structured data from pages with FAQs

Quick Links

Detailed Instructions


For fast, accurate testing, use Google’s Rich Result Test Tool. Simply enter a product URL to test the validity of your structured data.

Rich Result Test Tool

Note: Some warnings are to be expected, if you are unsure of any, please review our Why Do I Still Have Errors & Warnings FAQ


To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC). Enter your URL and “Request Indexing”. In most cases, Google will index your page within the next 5 minutes.

Request Indexing via URL Inspection
Monitoring - Structured Data

Use the GSC Product Enhancement Report to see how Google perceives your Product structured data:

GSC Product Enhancements Report
Monitoring - Rich Snippets

Use Google Search Console’s new Product Results Performance Report to see how your Rich Snippets are performing:

GSC Product Performance Report
Can I Request Indexing Of All Products?

Unfortunately, there’s no such facility. The method we recommend is by validating an error or warning in the GSC Product Enhancement Report that has since been fixed. This will force Google to crawl & index these pages again. You will then see this error/warning steadily drop to zero

product bulk validation
How Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Works

We include gtin properties in the structured data if present in BigCommerce. Depending on the length of the code we will include either the gtin8gtin12gtin13gtin14 properties – this is on a per-product basis.

Why Don't I see Product Review Stars?
  • You don’t have reviews on this product
  • Google may not have seen your latest changes. To speed this up via Google Search Console, “Request Indexing” or for bulk changes, Validate Errors/Warnings.
  • Whilst the Structured Data is correct, Google has chosen not to show review star rich snippets for some reason – read Google’s explanation of why this might be
Why Enable Product Rich Snippets?

Enabling Product Rich Snippets allows you to add extra information to your product’s In Google’s Search Results and Image Search. These Rich Snippets inform your customers and make your search results stand out from your competitors.

What Rich Snippets Are Available For Products?

The main Rich Snippets that can appear for Products are Review Stars & Count, Currency, Price & Availability. In Mobile Image Search, Brand can also be seen when an product image is clicked. Breadcrumbs will also appear in searches.

Why Is Currency Always USD In Google Search?

Google crawls your site from the USA so if you have local adaptive/geo-switching currency it will always show as USD. To have a non-USD currency, ensure the desired currency is your default currency in BigCommerce & no local-adaptive features are enabled.

For more information see BigCommerce’s Managing Currencies documentation

How Is Availability Calculated?

The SEO Rich Snippets app decides availability using the Product’s “Purchasability” settings and Inventory levels (if applicable).

  • If (1) is selected and there is stock (or inventory isn’t tracked), the product will be marked “InStock
  • If (1) is selected and there is no stock, the product will be marked “OutOfStock
  • If (2) is selected, the product will be marked “PreOrder
  • If (3) is selected the product will be marked “OutOfStock
Why isn't my brand/sku marked up?

The SEO Rich Snippets App relies on BigCommerce providing the brand & sku data. This only occurs when the following store settings are enabled:

Looking for more assistance? Try our General FAQs page.

Technical Reference