Google can display a search box scoped to just your site when it appears in search. SEO Rich Snippets App adds the structured data code to allow this.

Sitelinks Searchbox Example

Getting Started
  1. If your store doesn’t use BigCommerce search functionality, you will need to supply the “Target Path“, then click “Publish
  2. Review Results
    If you want to Test, Index or Monitor your Rich Snippets, click “Results
Target Path

The default target path is /search.php?search_query=
If the search URL on your site looks different, you’ll need to add it. If you have any concerns, contact us for assistance


Quick Links


For fast, accurate testing, use Google’s Rich Result Test Tool:


To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC):

Monitoring - Structured Data

Use the Google Search Console’s GSC Sitelinks Searchbox Enhancement Report to see how Google perceives your Sitelinks Searchbox structured data:

GSC Sitelinks Searchbox enhancement report
Technical Reference