Important Update: Please read our FAQ Article to understand recent changes to FAQ Behaviour

It’s not just for your non-converting FAQ Page!

Receive the FAQ Rich Snippets/Results on Category, Brand, Blog & Web page search results in minutes and gain a significant advantage over your competitors

FAQ Instructions
  1. Using our Classy Schema FAQ Markup Helper, Click the “Clear” button, then add your Question/Answer pairs
Create FAQ Question/Answer pairs
  1. Copy the “Classy Schema” HTML into your clipboard by clicking the “Copy” Button within the “Code” section
  1. Paste the HTML into your BigCommerce WebPage/Category/Banner/Blog HTML Editor by clicking the “HTML” button and (pressing Ctrl+v or right-click/paste) then saving the changes.

    * See FAQ’s below for assistance on appearance or location issues
Paste HTML into BigCommerce HTML Editor

Quick Links


For fast, accurate testing, use Google’s Rich Result Test Tool:

Rich Results Test Tool - FAQ

To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC):

URL Inspection Tool
Monitoring - Structured Data

Use the Google Search Console’s FAQ Enhancement Report to see how Google perceives your structured data:

FAQ Enhancement Report
Monitoring - Rich Snippets

Use Google Search Console’s new FAQ Performance Report to see how your Rich Snippets are performing:

GSC FAQ Performance Report
🤷‍♀️ What are the benefits of FAQ's?
  • Easy to implement
  • Can be added to many BigCommerce page types (Category, Brand, Web, Blog + Banners)
  • Increase search result footprint significantly
  • Reassure customer of your expertise
  • Can direct customer to specific locations (answers can have links!)
  • Helps you identify & add relevant content to your pages
🤷‍♂️ Can I Change The Way FAQ's Appear?

Yes, but carefully! We provide simple HTML with div, h2 & p elements which will use your theme’s styling. These can be changed carefully by someone with HTML experience, just ensure the class names remain. Alternatively, CSS styling can be used to alter the look-and-feel of the FAQ’s as each element can be identified using CSS Selectors

🤷‍♂️ Can I Display FAQ's At The Bottom Of The Page?

Yes, a common method to display FAQ’s at the bottom of the page is to use BigCommerce Banners. These can be set to display at the bottom of a specific page (Category, Brand etc..)

🤩 Can I use Emojis to draw attention to the FAQ?

Unfortunately no, it appears that, in early 2021, Google withdrew the ability for emoji’s to appear alongside questions in FAQ rich results. We’ll continue to monitor this as Google has been known to reintroduce such features.

Technical Reference