Add Video schema to your BigCommerce pages to receive Video Snippets

Adding Video Structured Data Receives Video Rich Snippets
  1. Using our Classy Schema Video Markup Helper, add your Video URL
Enter YouTube Video URL
  1. Copy the “Classy Schema” HTML into your clipboard by clicking the “Copy” Button within the “Code” section
  1. Paste the HTML into your BigCommerce WebPage/Category/Product/Blog HTML Editor by clicking the “HTML” button and (pressing Ctrl+v or right-click/paste) then saving the changes.
Paste HTML into Editor

Quick Links


For fast, accurate testing, use Google’s Rich Result Test Tool:

Video Rich Results Test Tool

To have Google crawl & index your page, you’ll need to use the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console (GSC):

URL Inspection Tool
Monitoring - Structured Data

Use the Google Search Console’s Video Enhancement Report to see how Google perceives your structured data:

Video Enhancement Report
Monitoring - Rich Snippets

Use Google Search Console’s new Video Performance Report to see how your Rich Snippets are performing:

Videos Performance Report
How do you add a video to a HowTo?

You first need to create a video and give it a unique id. This lets you reference the video in other structured data.

Then, in the How-to Advanced section, you can reference the video by its id:

You can also reference a video for each section:

Technical Reference