SEO Rich Snippets Status Page

Scheduled Maintenance

None currently planned


Wednesday 26 Feb 2020 (New York 4am, London 9am, Sydney 8pm) – Duration 30 Minutes – COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY
App Upgrade – After first launch, we’ve identified some minor improvements to improve the install process, monitoring & functionality.
Impact: Structured Data and Rich Snippets will continue as normal, settings will not be able to be adjusted during the upgrade

Current Incidents

3rd April – We are currently experiencing an issue on new installs causing an error message. The installation has actually occurred – simply refreshing the page and entering the app should rectify the issue. We are currently investigating the issue

Past Incidents

26 Feb 2020 – New York (Tue 25th) 2:30pm, London (Tue 25th) 7:30pm, Sydney 6:30am) Duration: 5 Hours
Database Hosting Failure
Unfortunately, our hosting company experienced a failure to their database servers. Our monitoring identified the issue immediately and a support ticket raised. They have resolved the issue and we will ensure appropriate assurances are given to avoid such an outage in future.
Impact: As we store the Structured Data scripts in BigCommerce, there was no impact to your structured data or rich snippets. During the outage you would not have been able to edit your settings however and we apologise for any inconvenience.