Tag Rocket Plugin
Tag Management for BigCommerce

Better tagging that improves the speed and data you send to Google, Bing, Facebook and Pinterest. Full Enhanced Ecommerce for GA4 + more!

  • Improve your conversions & reporting with easier, better, faster tagging
  • Better data in = better conversions out
  • Consolidated tagging – fast & efficient
  • Effortlessly up-to-date
  • Make your sales take off with tag rocket

Improve Your Conversions & Reporting with Easier, Better, Faster Tagging

Tag Rocket efficiently provides your major channel platforms the data they need to work well for your store. The main features are:

  • Provides rich data for Dynamic Remarketing on Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads
  • Allows for Conversion Tracking & Audience Building in Pinterest & Twitter Ads
  • Provides Enhanced Ecommerce tracking support for the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Extends BigCommerce’s Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Universal Analytics (GA)

All without the need for you write a single line of code or place a script anywhere. Seriously!

Better Data In = Better Conversions Out

Built by BigCommerce experts, Tag Rocket leverages unique aspects of the BigCommerce platform such as Stencil Handlebars, webhooks and various APIs to collect an unprecedented level of data unparalleled by other generic tagging systems that rely solely on JavaScript. Providing this extra data into the vastly powerful machine learning algorithms of Google, Microsoft & Facebook allows them to make better decisions about your store & customers.

Consolidated Tagging – Fast & Efficient

There’s a lot of duplicated code & execution when every individual tagging system tracks site actions but sends to only their platform. Tag Rocket removes this inefficiency by tracking actions and sending the appropriate data to each platform, providing a far smaller code footprint as well as improving execution times. Our code is minified and added to avoid impact on Core Web Vital metrics, a new Google ranking factor beginning May 2021.

Effortlessly Up-To-Date

Platform requirements change over time and it’s difficult to keep track. Tag Rocket eases the management by having auto-update options and informing you of important changes.


  • Make Your Sales Take Off With Tag Rocket

    • Facebook Ads

      • Advanced Tracking over BigCommerce Pixel for Enhanced Machine Learning
        • Additional AddToCart, Contact, ViewContent Conversion Events
        • 40+ Extra Event Properties
        • Custom Search Page Support
        • Customizable Conversion Values (Newsletter Subscription/Contact/Account Created/Checkout Started)
      • Dynamic Ads
      • Advanced Matching
      • Facebook Shop & Catalog Feed Options
    • Google Ads

      • Remarketing
      • Dynamic Remarketing (product, category, home and search page product tracking + add to cart tracking + purchase tracking)
      • Purchase Conversion Tracking
      • Call Tracking
      • Privacy Compliance Options
    • Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads)

      • Page View Tracking
      • Conversion Revenue Tracking
      • Purchase Event Tracking
      • Dynamic Remarketing
      • Add To Cart Tracking
      • Remove From Cart Tracking
      • Privacy Compliance Options
  • You Can Spot More From Up Here With Tag Rocket

    • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

      • All standard GA4 Features (Including Full Ecommerce Support)
      • Cross-device tracking of logged in customers
      • BigCommerce Page Types
    • Extend BigCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking (GA)

      • Link click tracking (Social, Phone, Email, Download and Outbound Links)
      • Default Contact Form Tracking
      • Checkout Progress Tracking
      • JavaScript Error Tracking
      • Console Error Tracking
      • Automatic Referral Exclusion
      • BigCommerce Page Types
    • Pinterest Conversion Tracking for Audience Building

      • Simplified implementation with extra events:
        • Checkout
        • AddToCart
        • PageVisit
        • Lead
        • Search
        • ViewCategory
      • Enhanced Match for accurate & increased conversion reporting
      • Ability to opt out of product pin automatic updating
      • Ability to disable the use of first party cookies
      • Honours user data preferences under the ‘targeting’ option when cookie consent tracking is on
    • Twitter

      • Easy, “No Code” Implementation
      • Conversion Tracking
      • Advanced Conversion Tracking To Monitor Campaign ROI
    • Google Optimize

      • Simple setup
      • Anti-Flicker Option Support