Dynamic Remarketing is about showing highly relevant ads to past store visitors based on the products they showed interest in. Dynamic Remarketing can be set up for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest and Yahoo Ads.

To enable Dynamic Remarketing you first need to set up a product catalogue with your chosen advertising channel. This is where Data Feed Watch can help. Their solutions enable connecting BigCommerce with the channels and sending them product feeds to populate their catalogues.

The next step is to set up the on-site tags to send details about the products your visitors are interacting with. And this is where Tag Rocket comes in. It supports Dynamic Remarketing tags for all the mentioned channels.

I suggest you also checkout our article on adding color, size, material and pattern attributes to your Data Feed Watch feed.

Data Feed Watch

This is a very robust and feature rich feed provider. And their default feed settings work out of the box with Tag Rocket. They provide BigCommerce Installation instructions which integrated smoothly with BigCommerce. They also have quite a bit of documentation to help you get started including some academy videos to take you through setting up your first few feed.

Pricing is probably at the high end with the basic plan having a limit of 3 channels and 1,000 products. If it is in your range, I’d do the trial to see if it suits your needs.

They support all the channels Tag Rocket supports without any need to customise each feed. Their Item Group ID defaults to the product id and their Item ID defaults to a unique identifier for product+variant.

Setting Up Data Feed Watch for Dynamic Remarketing

Product Level

Out of the box Data Feed Watch can be used for product level dynamic remarketing. Open the relevant channels settings in Tag Rocket and set the Item Group ID Format field to [[pid]]. And don’t forget to Publish your changes.

Variant Level

For those that want that extra level of granularity, you can set up variant level dynamic remarketing as well. This requires some modification of your Data Feed Watch feeds. Note, as this will change the feeds ids it will cause the channels using the feed to have to learn again.

In the Data Feed Watch admin we first want to go to Internal Fields and add a new one called ‘remarketing_id’ with the following settings. This gives our channels access to an id value that can be used for remarketing.

Next, for each channel that you want to use for remarketing with Tag Rocket, change it’s id field to use the new ‘remarketing_id’ field.

Finally, open the relevant channels settings in Tag Rocket and set the Format fields to the following values (You will need to switch on advanced mode). And don’t forget to Publish your changes .

Item Group ID Format[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format [[pid]]
Item ID Variant Format [[pid]]-[[vid]]

The default Data Feed Watch setup only uses product URL even when variants are advertisied. This modification to the internal ‘link’ field fixes that:

Google Ads, Cost of goods sold and Gross profit

Google Ads supports sending cost of good sold data via the feed, which is used to calculate gross profit. Both are part of the basket data and can be used in reports. I suspect later gross profit may be used to improve smart campaigns.

Data Feed Watch makes it easy to add the required Google Ads feed field to send the cost_of_goods_sold data:

For this to work you need to enter the cost prices for your products in BigCommerce. This is under the advanced pricing section.

And Tag Rocket has a Conversions with Basket Data option to send the rest of the basket data.