Dynamic Remarketing is about showing highly relevant ads to past store visitors based on the products they showed interest in. Dynamic Remarketing can be set up for Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Pinterest Ads.

To enable Dynamic Remarketing you first need to set up a product catalogue with your chosen advertising channel. This is where Sales & Orders can help. Their solutions enable connecting BigCommerce with the channels and sending them product feeds to populate their catalogues.

The next step is to set up the on-site tags to send details about the products your visitors are interacting with. And this is where Tag Rocket comes in. It supports Dynamic Remarketing tags for all the mentioned channels.

Sales & Orders

S&O are the feed provider most used by BigCommerce stores with an app to make installation easier.

Setting Up Sales & Orders for Dynamic Remarketing

By default the Sales & Orders product feed does not always set the required item_group_id value. And when it does it sets it in a way that can cause Google Ads to connect the user’s product interactions with the wrong product in the feed.

By adding the following feed rule you will fix those problems.

  1. In the Sales & Orders app go to Feed Tools->Feed Rules
  2. Remove the current attribute and then select the attribute “Item Group Id”
  3. Click “Add Rule” (right hand side).
  4. In the definition field use the drop down menu to enter:
  5. The Custom Text “P” without the quotes
  6. [Remove Spaces]
  7. Parent Product Id
  8. Optionally add a description like “Make sure all items have an item group id to identify the product and that it does not clash with the items id”
  9. Save (right hand side)

In the preview section down the page you can add Group ID as a column to check that that are now showing up all the time and are a number (the product id) prepended with the letter P with no spaces between them.

Setting Up Tag Rocket

If you use Tag Rocket for any of your channels using the Sales & Orders feed,you want to make sure it uses the same identifier values as the feed. For each tag you enable you want to switch to Advanced mode and fill in the following field values:

Variant Feed Item Formats

This is based on the default setup for Sales & Orders with the above field rule applied.

Item Group ID FormatP[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format [[vid]]
Item ID Variant Format [[vid]]

Product Feed Item Formats

In some cases you may ask Sales & Orders to provide a product only feed. In the past this was the only way to support Dynamic Remarketing. You would use these alternate values:

Field Value
Item Group ID FormatP[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format [[pid]]
Item ID Variant Format [[pid]]