Dynamic Remarketing is about showing highly relevant ads to past store visitors based on the products they showed interest in. Dynamic Remarketing can be set up for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest and Yahoo Ads.

To enable Dynamic Remarketing you first need to set up a product catalogue with your chosen advertising channel. This is where GoDataFeed can help. Their solutions enable connecting BigCommerce with the channels and sending them product feeds to populate their catalogues.

The next step is to set up the on-site tags to send details about the products your visitors are interacting with. And this is where Tag Rocket comes in. It supports Dynamic Remarketing tags for all the mentioned channels.


The GoDataFeed system is very capable with lots of features to customise how the feeds work. The have a BigCommerce app and BigCommerce specific instructions to get going.

Setting Up GoDataFeed for Dynamic Remarketing

This is a work in progress. Please contact us so we can help you configure these feeds and Tag Rocket correctly.

Item Group ID

For each channel you need to add a mapping rule to make sure the item_group_id field is set to a value that identifies the product and does not clash with the variant ids.

  1. Select the feed for the channel you wish to set up
  2. Select “Rules”
  3. Press the blue plus button to add a rule
  4. Enter the name “Item Group ID: For Tag Rocket Integration”
  5. Select [F].[item_group_id] in the Set field
  6. In the to field first enter the letter P and press enter
  7. Then select [P].[parent_id]
  8. Set Where to All products
  9. And save

Tag Rocket

Here we need to set the formats to match those used by the feed. Open up settings for the appropriate tag, enable the advanced view and enter the following values

Item Formats

FieldDefault Format
Item Group ID FormatP[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format [[vid]]
Item ID Variant Format [[vid]]