Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook is about showing highly relevant Facebook ads to past store visitors based on the products they showed interest in. Facebook refer to this as “Dynamic Ads for Products

To enable Dynamic Retargeting you first need to set up a product catalog in Facebook. BigCommerce provide a Facebook channel that does that all for you.

The next step is to set up the on-site tags to send details (events and parameters) about the products your visitors are interacting with. And this is where Tag Rocket comes in. It supports Dynamic Retargeting tags for Facebook.

BigCommerce Facebook Channel

You can find the Facebook Channel in the Channel Manager section in the BigCommerce admin interface. And BigCommerce provides a Facebook Set Up Guide to help you set it up. If you are going to use Tag Rocket to power your pixel then make sure you uncheck “Set up my pixel during onboarding”. And once you have completed the process make sure BigCommerce’s Facebook Pixel is not connected. It should have a ‘Connect’ button showing like this. If is shows a ‘Disconnect’ button, then click that to remove their pixel. Then enable the Facebook pixel in Tag Rocket.

Setting Up Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic retargeting requires code on the website that sends data about the products a user interacts with. This data has to match up with the data sent to the product catalogs. The Facebook tag provided by Tag Rocket sends that data for you, and is configurable to match the data in your catalog.

The New Catalog

In 2021 BigCommerce provided a new Facebook Channel that used a different way to identify products in the catalog. You can tell if your catalog uses the new id format as their Content ID is set to the SKU for the product.

If your catalog uses this new format you want to use the following settings in your Tag Rocket Facebook Settings.

Item Group ID Format[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format [[psku]]||P[[pid]]
Item ID Variant Format [[vsku]]

The Old Catalog

Prior to the new Facebook Channel the product identifiers were different. You can tell if your catalog uses the old id format as their Content ID is set to the letter ‘P’ or ‘V’ followed by a number.

Item Group ID Format[[pid]]
Item ID Product Format P[[pid]]
Item ID Variant Format V[[vid]]

Create a Retargeting Campaign In Facebook

Now that you have a Facebook Catalog and Tag Rocket is sending Facebook the events & parameters it needs to retarget, you can follow the instructions detailed in the Facebook article Creating a Retargeting Campaign.