Most SEOs would do some work on optimising their pages title tags to help them rank better and make them look more appealing in specific search results. This report is designed to help those people see how those changes affected a pages performance over time.

Creating your data sources

(Our BigCommerce Tag Rocket users you may already have a GA4 data source that you can already use)

This report uses special data sources. You need to make a copy of them…

Title Tracking – GA4 
Title Tracking – Search Console.

As you copy them (see image) a dialog will come up where you can point each one to your respective GA4 property and Google Search Console – URL – Web data sources.

Creating your own report

Once you have the special data sources you can copy the report via it’s USE TEMPLATE button at the top right and have it point to the respective data sources you have just created.

I suggest you rename the report to include your own websites name.

If you have added “Page location” as a custom dimension in GA4 then you can simplify the GA4 data source formula for “@Page location” to Page location. This will also make the report work better as the default formula assumes all pages are https.

Using the report

Switch to View mode (top right) to see the report in action.

Pick a date range for the period you want to analyse.

Click on a page path in the top table to see page specific data about the changes in its title text. You can use the Page path control at the top right to help you filter down to the pages you are interested in.


Remember that search results are affected by a lot more than page titles. An apparent improvement may have been nothing to do with the title.

Page titles can only be discovered if there was at least one visitor to that page in a given day. If not, the page title is indicated as ‘(unknown)’.

The method used to increase the chance of getting these page titles for a specific day seems to sometimes cause the clicks and sessions to be higher than the truth.

Page translators often set the top level title to a translated version. This means you may see the odd translated title in the reports.

I’m also struggling with the session numbers coming from GA4. They seem to be very high compared to the clicks from search. This is also true when directly looking at the data in GA4.

It would be great if I could pull in conversion data. That way we could look at the titles true performance in helping the website. That may need introducing BigQuery as the data source so we can manipulate the data before reporting it.

It would also be nice to be able to group the data by week or show a rolling average to smooth out some of the charts.

Or add a way to define test groups so that sets of pages can be analysed together.