Setting up the Taboola tracking pixel and dynamic conversion events on BigCommerce is simple when using Tag Rocket. Here are the steps to get you started.

Install And Publish Tag Rocket

You will need the Tag Rocket code on your website in order to use its API (TRAPI) to help you add the Taboola pixel and fire dynamic conversion events.

  1. Install the app from the app store
  2. Switch to the Dashboard
  3. Scroll down and select the settings for the Global Tag Values section
  4. Scroll down to find the Tag Rocket API section
  5. Check the “Fire All Events” option.
  6. Finish Editing
  7. Click Publish to add its code to your store.

Adding The Taboola Code

Once you have Tag Rocket published you can use it to set up your Taboola tracking. In the Store Front->Script Manager Section add a Script with the following settings:

Name of scriptTag Rocket Taboola
DescriptionTaboola base pixel and conversion events
Location on pageHead
Select pages where script will be addedAll pages
Script categoryTargeting;Advertising
Script typeScript

Then add the following script into the “script contents”. Make sure you change the REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_ID text with your Taboola Account ID.

Setting Up The Conversions

In the Taboola admin go to the Tracking section and make sure the following conversions are set up like this:

Conversion NameTypeCategoryEvent NameInclude in Total Conversions
Add to WishlistEvent Add to Wishlist add_to_wishlistNo
SearchEvent Search searchNo
Add to CartEvent Add to Cart add_to_cartNo
Add Payment InfoEvent Add Payment Info add_payment_infoNo
PurchaseEvent Purchase make_purchaseYes
Account CreatedEvent Complete Registration complete_registrationNo
Start CheckoutEvent Start Checkout start_checkoutNo
Contact Event Lead lead_contact No
Subscribe Event Lead lead_subscribe No

The Purchase event sends dynamic values for revenue, currency, quantity and orderid. For all other events you have the option to add a static value for the conversion and set “Include in Total Conversions” to “Yes”. e.g. you may want to make a Subscription worth $5.

The last two events use custom Event Names. This is so that they can each have their own conversion value.


The Chrome Browser Taboola Pixel Helper from Taboola will show you which conversion events fire on your pages.

I’d suggest testing each of the converson types once. After a day or so check the conversions page to see that the conversion status for each has turned Active and that you are seeing graphs in the Events Received column.