Setting up the TikTok tracking pixel and their supported events on BigCommerce is simple when using Tag Rocket. Here are the steps to get you started.

Install And Publish Tag Rocket

You will need the Tag Rocket code on your website in order to use its API (TRAPI) to help you add the TikTok pixel and fire dynamic conversion events.

  1. Install the app from the app store
  2. Switch to the Dashboard
  3. Scroll down and select the settings for the Global Tag Values section
  4. Scroll down to find the Tag Rocket API section
  5. Check the “Fire All Events” option.
  6. Finish Editing
  7. Click Publish to add its code to your store.

Creating the TikTok Pixel

Once you have a TikTok For Business account go to the Website Pixel Management page. Assets->Event->Website Pixel Manage.

If you already have a Pixel set up then just copy its ID and move on the the next section. The existing pixel has to be using the “Developer” Setup Method. You can find this out by clicking on the Pixels name.

If not, then add the pixel with the following steps:

  1. Click Create Pixel
  2. Give it a name, like “Tag Rocket”
  3. Select “Manually install pixel code”
  4. Next
  5. Select “Developer Mode”
  6. Set Advanced Matching to on or off
  7. Confirm
  8. Copy the pixels ID

You will also want to connect the Pixel to your catalog. This is done under Assets->Catalog. Select your catalog then go to Event Sources and make the connection.

Adding The TikTok Code

Once you have Tag Rocket published you can use it to set up your TikTok tracking. In the Store Front->Script Manager Section add a Script with the following settings:

Name of scriptTag Rocket TikTok
DescriptionTikTok pixel and events
Location on pageHead
Select pages where script will be addedAll pages
Script categoryTargeting;Advertising
Script typeScript

Then add the following script into the “script contents”. Make sure you change the REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_ID text with your TikTok Pixel ID.

Note that you can change the productIdentifier function so that it uses the same product identifiers as in your catalog. Check your catalogs “SKU ID” field to see what values you are using.


The Chrome Browser TikTok Pixel Helper from TikTok will show you which events fire on your pages and if the data is valid.

After a while you should see event data showing up in the Pixels details page.

In the Event Sources section of your Catalog you should start to see the Event Availability settings go green.