The Tag Rocket Report links GA4 with BigQuery (Google Cloud Database) and is viewed through Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). Below is the instructions on how to achieve this:

Steps To Configure the Tag Rocket Report

  1. Go to – if you haven’t created an account before, you’ll need to click “Get started for free”
  2. Add your Account Information
  3. Enter Payment Information (Don’t worry, you shouldn’t be charged – we report on the data usage to ensure you don’t go over the free limits Google provides)
  4. Click the project dropdown & click “New Project”
  5. Enter a logical name for your project (something like [your store name] – Tag Rocket)
  6. Select the project drop-down and select the newly created project
  7. In the Search bar, search for “sub api” and under Marketplace, click “Cloud Pub/Sub API”
  8. If not already enabled, click the Enable button

  9. Click the Menu Icon and select IAM & Admin
  10. Click “Grant Access” and add [email protected] as the role “BigQuery User“, click Save
  11. Click “Grant Access” and add:
    [email protected] as the role “Owner“, click Save. Alternatively, you can add the roles: BigQuery Admin, Logs Configuration Writer, ,Pub/Sub Admin, Service Usage Consumer
  12. In Google Analytics 4 (GA4), click the admin cog in the bottom-left of the screen
  13. Click “BigQuery Links”, then “Choose a BigQuery project”
  14. Select your newly created project from the list and click Confirm
  15. If located outside the US, choose your Data Location, choose frequency of “Daily” and click Submit
  16. Copy the BigQuery Project ID into Tag Rocket->Google Analytics 4 Settings
  17. Click Property Settings, copy the Property ID and paste into Tag Rocket->Google Analytics 4 Settings
  18. Click the back arrow within Analytics, then Account Settings, Copy the Account ID and paste into Tag Rocket->Google Analytics 4 Settings

That’s it! After 4 Days (to allow for data collection), Your report will be available to generate under Tag Rocket->GA4->Settings:

Tag Rocket Report FAQs
How To Share The Tag Rocket Report

In the top right of the report, click the share button, add user accounts and click done:

Current Complication (as of June 2023)

Google has recently & inexplicably changed the report creation process and forced “Viewer Credentials” rather than “Owner Credentials” to be used on the data sources. This means shared users can’t initially see data in thereport unless they too have access to the BigQuery project.

Here’s a workaround solution while we try and identify a permanent fix:

Note: Ensure you’re logged in as the owner of the BigQuery Project (identified after step 9 of the above instructions)

Change the report’s datasets to “Owner Credentials”

  1. In the report click the Edit Button
  1. In the menu, click Resource->Manage Added data sources
  1. You’ll need to edit each of the highlighted data sources (BigQuery & Google Analytics)

4. For each Data Source change the Data credential from Viewer to “Owner’s credentials”, Click Update, then Finished

The report then should work for all it’s shared with as it’s using the report owner credentials to access the BigQuery data.