The Tag Rocket App For BigCommerce collects useful data and sends it to your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property. We acknowledge reporting is a little clunky within Google Analytics 4 so we’ve created some Data Studio reports that will assist you in tracking some key details, primarily concerning the health of your BigCommerce store.

For a limited time only, due to the complexities involved, we are offering to configure GA4 & these Data Studio Reports for free upon the install of Tag Rocket & granting access to Google Analytics & Google Search Console*.

*Please contact us for detailed (and difficult) instructions if granting Access is not possible.

Core Web Vitals Report

The Core Web Vitals Report tracks the exact metrics that your customer’s are experiencing. From the Dashboard, quickly identify which have the worst scores and easily filter down to the specifics of the issue, identifying the pages and HTML elements responsible & when resolved, monitor the improvement.

  • Identify Longest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) issues
  • Filter to the exact Page, Page Type (Product/Category etc), Location, Browser, Device, Connection Speed – even HTML Element responsible for low scores
  • World View Mode to identify weaknesses in international performance
  • Identify/Monitor Trends over time – great for issue identification & resolution reporting

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BigCommerce Core Web Vitals Report via Tag Rocket

Website Errors Report

The Website Error Report tracks the errors your customer’s are experiencing. Don’t wait until a customer tells you about issues or worse still, never find out!

  • Identify Missing Pages (404’s) that require redirects
  • JavaScript Errors on your Cart & Checkout Pages
  • Log Console Errors to help identify issues
  • Track Network Issues that may be affecting performance
  • Identify JSON-LD Issues for improved structured data and rich snippets

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