We answer many Tag-related questions for our customers. If your questions don’t appear in our User Guide or here on the general FAQ page, please contact us for assistance.

What are Automatic Updates?

We regularly provide updates to our app to implement bug fixes and extra features. Enabling “Automatic Updates” (recommended) will allow us to publish your scripts to the latest version without the need for you to do anything. If you would prefer to review what changes have been made first and/or choose an appropriate time to publish the changes then simply choose to manually republish.

How Do I Change Payment Details?

Simply unsubscribe and resubscribe under the billing tab of the App – all functionality, settings, and remaining credit will persist during the change of payment details.

How Do I Access My Invoice?

Emailed receipts are sent monthly to you after payment is made. If you click “View it in your browser” it will give you the option to download the invoice: