Google Consent Mode V2

Google Consent Mode V2

Advanced Consent Mode tells Google about the current consent status before sending any events. All events are always sent and it is up to Google to decude what it can do based on the consent given.

Basic Consent Mode will not send any events until the appropriate consent is granted. It also sends the consent status so future events can be processed accordingly.

Google Ads Data Redacted

This will further redact your ads data until consent is given.

Google Url Pass Through

If consent has not been granted yet, this feature allows Google to pass ads information through URL parameters across pages in order to improve measurement quality. Read more in Google’s URL Pass Through documentation.


Defer Scripts

Tag Rocket can defer executing enabled tag scripts until the page is parsed. This may improve page performance at the risk of losing data if a user leaves the page before tags are executed.


Data Attributes

When available, enhanced ecommerce data attributes are used to detect products and banners on the pages. Tag Rocket can optimise itself based on if the theme supports data attributes. ‘Automatic’ will use theme metadata and a check to see if enhanced ecommerce is enabled as a way to assume data tags are present and implemented correctly.



If the category path is sent, what text separator to use between each category level. eg “/” for “Mens/Shoes/Sport” or “->” for “Mens->Shoes->Sport”

Conversion Values


Some tags allow you to send revenue values for non-purchase conversions to aid in reporting and machine learning activities. Provide monetary values for the following events based on an average of what you think they’re worth to you:

  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Contact Form Submission
  • Customer Account Created
  • Phone Link Click
  • Email Link Click
  • Download Link Click
  • Social Media Link Click
  • Outbound Link Click


App Error Reporting

The app scripts will actively look for issues and report them to Web Site Advantage for analysis. Data is limited to a GA4 based event with a simple message indicating what type of error was on the page.

Debug Mode

Include browser console log data to help debug any issues. Note: This may reduce your site’s performance

Web Vitals Debug Mode

Enables visualisation of Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). To show the visualisation add ?wsa_showwebvitals=true to a url. Note: this may reduce your site’s performance

Use Intersection Observer

You can switch this off to test how the app detects if a product becomes visible on older browsers

Data Attribute detection

You can switch this off to test how the app works if there are no data attributes present

Use fetch

Switch this off to make the app use the older XMLHttpRequest instead of the fetch function to make web requests