Harness The Power of Dynamic Remarketing

Tag Rocket allows you to create highly targeted audience lists based on what they have done on your site:

  • General visitors
  • Product searchers
  • Product viewers
  • Shopping cart abandoners
  • Past buyers
Extra Events For Extraordinary Remarketing Audience Lists

Tag Rocket sends many custom events to assist in the generation of highly target audience lists and in some cases, drive Smart Shopping Campaigns (*):

  • Add To Wishlist
  • Add To Cart, Remove From Cart, View Cart, Begin Checkout
  • Search
  • View Product
  • View List (Brand, Category, Featured Products, New Products, Related Products, Customers Also Viewed)
  • Login / Logout
  • Contact Form*
  • Newsletter Subscription*
  • Account Created*
Further Educate Your Smart Shopping Campaigns

Your Microsoft Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns rely on conversion data to optimize your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Tag Rocket provides purchase conversion revenue tracking as the chief driver of these campaigns but other conversions can be used such as Contact Form Submissions, Newsletter Subscriptions & Customer Account creation.

Getting Started

*Ensure you have disabled any existing tracking first, otherwise duplication errors may occur

Microsoft Merchant Center Feed Requirements

Tag Rocket sends event data to Microsoft to improve targeted advertising, it is important to ensure that the product information sent can be matched to the products in your Microsoft Merchant Center Feed

Variant Products (Products with Options)

id” – Ideally, the variant SKU but any unique identifier value will suffice
item_group_id” – The BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU*. Can be prefixed/suffixed with other characters eg “P_”

Non-Variant Products (Products without Options)

id” & “item_group_id” – The BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU*. Can be prefixed/suffixed with other characters eg “P_”

* As Product SKU is an optional field, if blank, the feed should revert to the BigCommerce Product ID

To access the feed, Click on Merchant Center->Feeds->Download Feed. the downloaded .txt file can be imported into Excel as a tab-delimited file for inspection

Accessing the Microsoft Merchant Center Feed

Note 1: Tag Rocket defaults to using BigCommerce’s Product ID but this can be changed using the Item Group ID Setting

Note 2: Please read our BigCommerce Product Feeds Article for a more detailed exploration of feeds & product identifiers

Microsoft Ads Purchase Conversion Goal

To improve the accuracy of dynamic remarketing campaigns and reporting through Microsoft Ads, it is important to track the revenue that is caused by ad clicks. This is done by creating a purchase conversion goal.

Click on Tools->Conversion Goals

To ensure correct purchase tracking, you must have only a single goal with a “Goal Category”= “Purchase” and “Include in ‘Conversions'”=”Yes”. You may have other goals, but only 1 purchase goal that is included in conversions.

A purchase conversion goal can be one of three types. We recommend using “Event” using the default configuration as it sends more data. “Destination URL” can be used, but it provides the least data and is slightly more complex to set up. “Product” is the latest type which we have not been able to test yet. It sends the most data but we have been told by Microsoft that it only shows purchases from product-based ads, so may be limiting. Tag Rocket supports all three types without you having to add any code.

You may tailor some of the other goal settings to suit your preferences but this is what’s required:

After these screens, Microsoft tries to provide a tag – ignore these and escape via these options:


Microsoft Universal Event Tracking Tag

The Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tag is used to send page tracking information to Microsoft for general remarketing campaigns

Click Tools->UET Tag to see the list of UET Tags. In most cases, you will already have one created however if not, simply click “Create UET Tag” to create one. Copy the Tag ID into Tag Rocket’s UET Tag Field.

The UET tag has an option (click on the name of the tag to see) to “Enable Microsoft Clarity”. Check to decided if you want this switched on or not – we recommend against it for BAU operations.

Item Group ID

The Product Identifier Tag Rocket sends must match the “item_group_id” field of your feed. Typically, this is the BigCommerce Product ID or Product SKU. Tag Rocket defaults to the BigCommerce Product ID ([[pid]]) but can be switched to [[psku]]. To suit some scenarios, text can be prepended or appended, eg P_[[pid]] , [[psku]]_SKU. For further information, please refer to Feed Requirements


Item ID

To support sending variant ID’s for AddToCart, InitiateCheckout & Purchase events, Tag Rocket needs to know the format of the feed’s id field. This is usually the variant ID [[vid]] or variant SKU [[vsku]] but a variety of options exist to cater for all scenarios.

For a detailed explanation, please read our Feed Article.

Conversion Revenue Tracking

Leaving this enabled allows purchase revenue to be sent through to Microsoft. This allows for more accurate dynamic remarketing campaigns and reporting

Dynamic Remarketing

Leaving this enabled will ensure that the events required for dynamic remarketing are sent. This includes products that customers view and/or purchase through your store.

Cart Activity Tracking

Leaving this enabled will ensure that a customer’s cart activity is sent through to Microsoft. This allows for enhanced remarketing lists to be created.

Custom Event Tracking

Leaving this enabled allows you to track custom events. These can be used to create audiences and/or goals. Here are details on the actions Tag Rocket support and the data they include that can be used in audiences or conversion goals. Revenue can be used by conversion goals to report on varying revenue values. For those without a pre-defined goal category, pick something relevant and then change the action to the one in the table.

For further information about these events and how to use them read our article “How To Use Microsoft Bing UET Events

Conversion Goal CategoryActionEvent Category Event Label Event Value Revenue
add_payment_info Payment Method
Add to cartadd_to_cart Product CategoryProduct NamePrice
add_to_wishlist Product Category Product Name Price
Begin checkoutbegin_checkout Order Amount
checkout_progress ‘Customer’, ‘Shipping’, ‘Billing’, ‘Payment’Order Amount
Contactcontact ‘Contact Form’Conversion Value
login ‘site’, ‘checkout’, ‘guest’
logout‘site’, ‘checkout’
Outbound clickoutbound_click Type Of ClickLink URLConversion Value
Purchasepurchase Order Amount
remove_from_cart Product Category Product Name Price
Sign – upsignup ‘Account Created’Conversion Value
Subscribesubscribe ‘Newsletter Subscription’Conversion Value
view_item ‘Product’Product Name
view_item_list List TypeList Name
view_search_results ‘Search Results’Search Term
Test Tools
Microsoft UET Tag Helper

Microsoft UET Tag Helper is a browser extension available for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome that allows you to explore the data from your UET Tag. Once enabled, it will capture the data sent to Microsoft Ads.