Is your Pinterest Tag Healthy?

Tag Rocket sends quality data to ensure your Pinterest tag is performing optimally

Comprehensive Event Tracking For Dynamic Remarketing & Highly Targeted Audience Lists

Tag Rocket tracks a comprehensive suite of events so your Shopping Ads are driven by the best data available:

  • Page View (product/categories)
  • Add To Cart
  • Search Queries
  • Checkout Completion (includes product details & promotion/coupon)
  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Subscription
Enhanced Match For Accurate Conversion Tracking

Tag Rocket can send secure, hashed emails to Pinterest to allow customer matching when Pinterest cookies are not present. This allows for more accurate tracking of conversions in Ads Manager

Additional Features
  • Supports Pinterest API for Conversions for a better view of campaign performance
  • Limited Data Use for California
  • Opt out of product pin automatic updating
  • First Party Cookie disable options
  • Honours user data preferences under the ‘targeting’ option when cookie consent tracking is on
Getting Started

*Ensure you have disabled any existing tracking first, otherwise duplication errors may occur

Pinterest Catalog & Feed Requirements

Tag Rocket sends event data to Pinterest to improve targeted advertising, it is important to ensure that the product information sent can be matched to the products in your Pinterest Catalog.

Variant Products (Products with Options)

id” – Ideally, the variant SKU but any unique identifier value will suffice
item_group_id” – The BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU*. Can be prefixed/suffixed with other characters eg “P_”

Non-Variant Products (Products without Options)

id” & “item_group_id” – The BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU*. Can be prefixed/suffixed with other characters eg “P_”

* As Product SKU is an optional field, if blank, the feed should revert to the BigCommerce Product ID


Note: Pinterest Module must be enabled for settings to take effect


Pinterest Tag

A Pinterest Tag is used to send page tracking information to Pinterest for general remarketing

Conversions API Access Token

To allow Tag Rocket to send conversions via the API, we require a conversion access token. This is easily obtained by logging into Pinterest, Clicking Ads->Conversions->Conversion access token->Generate new token

Item Group ID

You can specify which ID system you want Tag Rocket to match with products in your Pinterest Catalog, choose [[pid]] for the BigCommerce Product ID or else [[psku]] for the Product-level SKU (not the variant SKU). Sometimes, to avoid conflicts it may be necessary to prepend or append text to the ID/SKU eg P_[[pid]] or [[psku]]_SKU


Item ID

To support sending variant ID’s for AddToCart, InitiateCheckout & Purchase events, Tag Rocket needs to know the format of the feed’s “id” field. This is usually the variant ID [[vid]] or variant SKU [[vsku]] but a variety of options exist to cater for all scenarios.

For a detailed explanation, please read our Feed Article.

Enhanced Matching

Tag Rocket can send a hashed emails to Pinterest to assist matching site events and cross-device checkouts to improve conversion reporting. For more information see Pinterest’s article “Enhanced Match“.

First Party Cookies

Pinterest have a mechanism to switch off their first-party cookie(s). For more information see Pinterest’s section on “Delete first-party cookies“.

Automatic Product Updating (Metadata Enrichment)

If using Catalogs and shopping ads to display your products, Pinterest will use the tag to update your Pinterest Product information. Disabling this option will opt out of this functionality. For more information see Pinterest’s section on “Metadata Enrichment“.

Conversion Tracking

By default, Tag Rocket send all supported conversions (below) to Pinterest. You can use these conversions to create audiences for ads targeting and you can see related paid and organic conversion reporting on Ads Manager. Tag Rocket will not send any conversions that are explicitly disabled.

EventOptions/Subrule keyNotes
loadfp_cookie, em, md_frequencyFired on every page as the tag is loaded. fp_cookie = first party cookie, em = email, md_frequency = automatic product updates
page Fired on every page
Searchproduct_ids, line_items*, search_queryproduct_ids are based on the default setting for how Product IDs are constructed.
AddToCartorder_quantity, value, currencyorder_quantity is how many new items were added. value is the cost for all the new item. currency is the three letter code.
Checkoutorder_id, currency, value, order_quantity, promo_code, product_ids, line_items* On checkout completion. product_ids are based on the default setting for how Product IDs are constructed. order_quantity is the total number of items. order_id is the Order ID. value is the total order amount. currency is the three letter code. line_items contains details about all the items ordered.
PageVisitproduct_ids, line_items*View of a Product pages. product_ids contains one id based on the default setting for how Product IDs are constructed.
ViewCategoryproduct_ids, line_items*Products seen on a category page. product_ids are based on the default setting for how Product IDs are constructed.
Leadlead_typeThe app generates leads of type “Contact Form” and “Newsletter Subscription”.

*line_items is an array of the following:
[product_id, product_price, product_quantity, product_name, product_category, product_variant, product_brand]

Test Tools
Pinterest Tag Helper

Pinterest Tag Helper is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to explore the data from your UET Tag. Once enabled, it will capture the data sent to Pinterest