Advanced Conversion Tracking - Know Your ROI

Advanced Conversion Tracking is required to identify the ROI of your Promoted Ad Campaigns which includes the revenue and value of your campaign and how many products were purchased. In addition to the PageView Event, Tag Rocket also provides the Purchase Event with relevant details to enable you to keep an eye on your Ad performance

Getting Started

*Ensure you have disabled any existing tracking first, otherwise duplication errors may occur

Twitter Purchase & PageView Conversion Events

To inform Twitter of customer activity on your site such as page visits and purchases, creation of conversion events isrequired.

Click on Twitter Ads->Tools->Conversion tracking

Create 2 conversion events, one for a “Purchase” and one for a “Site visit”. Below are the settings to use:

Purchase and Site Visit Conversion Event Setup For Twitter


Website Tag ID

The Website Tag ID is used to send event information to Twitter. Copy the ID from the conversion event and paste the it into Tag Rocket’s Conversion ID field of Tag Rocket’s Twitter Tag Settings


Purchase Tracking

Disabling this option will prevent Tag Rocket sending Purchase events to Twitter

Test Tools
Twitter Pixel Helper

Twitter Pixel Helper is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to explore the data from your Twitter pixel. Once enabled, it will capture the data sent to Twitter.