Are You Advertising on Yahoo?

Tag Rocket sends quality data to ensure your Yahoo Dot Tag is performing optimally. Features include:

  • Dynamic Product Ads – Personalize your ads based on a your customer’s unique shopping history and buying habits
  • Online Enhanced Matching – Attribute more conversions and reach more customers
Getting Started

*Ensure you have disabled any existing tracking first, otherwise duplication errors may occur

Yahoo Catalog & Feed Requirements

Tag Rocket sends event data to Yahoo to improve targeted advertising, it is important to ensure that the product information sent can be matched to the products in your Yahoo Product Catalog.

Product-Level Feed (Dynamic remarketing will not work with Yahoo if the feed contains variants. It must be a product-level feed}

id” – Ideally, the BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU*. Can be prefixed/suffixed with other characters eg “P_”

* As Product SKU is an optional field, if blank, the feed should revert to the BigCommerce Product ID

Tracking Tag Requirements

Ensure the Feed’s tracking tag has the following key fields configured:

Yahoo Tracking Tag Feed Keys

Note: Yahoo Module must be enabled for settings to take effect


Yahoo (Dot) Tag ID

A Yahoo Do Tag is used to send information to Yahoo for general remarketing

  • Copy the Yahoo Tag from your Yahoo Account into Tag Rocket’s Yahoo Module
Product ID

You can specify which ID system you want Tag Rocket to match with products in your Yahoo Catalog, choose [[pid]] for the BigCommerce Product ID or else [[psku]] for the Product-level SKU (not the variant SKU). Sometimes, to avoid conflicts it may be necessary to prepend or append text to the ID/SKU eg P_[[pid]] or [[psku]]_SKU


Online Enhanced Matching

Tag Rocket can send a hashed emails to Yahoo to assist conversion attribution. For more information see Yahoo’s article “Enhanced Match“.

Dynamic Product Ads

By default, Tag Rocket send the following events to Yahoo. This will allow you to Create Dynamic Product Ads.

  • ViewProduct
  • AddToCart
  • Purchase
Test Tools
Yahoo Dot Tag Helper

Yahoo Dot Tag Helper (Oath: Ad Platforms Dot Helper) is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to explore the data from your UET Tag. Once enabled, it will capture the data sent to Yahoo

Technical Resources

How do you add a video to a HowTo?

You first need to create a video and give it a unique id. This lets you reference the video in other structured data.

Then, in the How-to Advanced section, you can reference the video by its id:

You can also reference a video for each section: