LinkedIn’s Conversion Tracking is an analytical function that gathers insights into post-click and view-through conversions of your LinkedIn ads campaigns, giving you the ability to measure the impact and return on investment of your ads.

  1. Ensure The Tag Rocket API is enabled (& Republish if required)
  2. Add the following script to BC’s Script Manager:
Name of scriptTag Rocket LinkedIn Script
DescriptionLinkedIn Conversion Tracking
Location on pageHead
Select pages where script will be addedAll pages
Script categoryTargeting;Advertising
Script typeScript
Script contentsAdd script located here (with ID’s replaced)

ID Replacement:

You must replace the above script’s IDs with those configured in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager->Analyze Section:

  • Partner ID
  • Conversion ID’s

Note: Conversion ID’s left as zero will not be sent and can be left as-is for potential future use.

Note: We could not find any way to send revenue. It seems they only support fixed-value conversions.

Want to know what other tracking we support – see our Tag Rocket API page for more info